Water Wisdom
Water Wisdom
Kat Mermaid

Welcome to Water Wisdom

Reconnecting to Earth's cycles. Remembering our Ancestral roots. Aligning our Sacred waters.


This school is where nature connection and women's business weave together to heal, nurture, and empower. Our current society does not nourish our bodies or beings in the way we have known for centuries and centuries. It is up to us to come back to the ancient ways, the Earth, and the rites of passage that define us. 

We are made of water on a water planet. Water holds the wisdom of generations. Join us in the remembering. 

Why You Should Join

Gain support and resources as you re-align with nature. This is a community where you are safe to question, heal, and express yourself. Women just like you are seeking more from a society that shames and diminishes us. We are meant to be fluid, wild, and fertile. Let us cultivate our waters together, in community, as our ancestors did.

A Big Thanks

Thank you for your trust, your openness, and your desire to reconnect. The Earth needs us to heal ourselves before we can heal our relationship to nature. It's all connected, and our feminine embodiment and empowerment is a perfect place to be.